Oblaki so rdeči / Die Wolken sind rot / The Clouds are red

by Maja Osojnik Quartet



If you spin a globe and pick a point at random, then you have to be lucky, damned lucky if, by chance, your finger lands on a small country in the southern part of central Europe…a country with a more or less tumultuous, but in any case long history: Slovenia. Often loved and praised, often cursed and condemned. This is my home.

I grew up in a loving family in which my parents sang folk songs, especially for those special events like showering, running the vacuum cleaner, and, after every third or fourth glass of wine, at birthday parties. Otherwise, my musical upbringing was the same as my contemporaries: consumerism, MTV, Internet, the world at hand, the world on television, the world on the computer screen, the world I could reach out and touch, and the big, wide open world …

And the world…well, the world was beautiful, and the world was ugly…
Now I live in Vienna. My daily life is hectic and full of stress, and despite this (or because of it) I miss my family, my old friends and the café I used to hang out in. I miss the sea and the mountains of my hometown, the sweet Kokta (sort of like Coca-Cola), and sometimes I miss my childhood and the beautiful songs which accompanied my life back then. And while I´m missing all these things, new arrangements and lyrics somehow emerge, and that is how this CD came to be: it is a collection of the saddest, and therefore my favourite Slovenian folk songs.

Yes, Vienna is my city. I enjoy living here. I have a wonderful husband and many friends. But when the evening comes and I´m standing in the spotlight, I sing the first song in my own familiar language…then I´m truly at home… wherever I am on the planet… and I can share this home with you, dear listener (Maja Osojnik, 2006)


released January 20, 2007

Oblaki so rdeči/ Die Wolken sind rot/ The Clouds are red
Arrangements von slowenischen Volkslieder

Maja Osojnik Quartet
Maja Osojnik – Vocals
Philipp Jagschitz – Piano
Bernd Satzinger – Double Bass
Michael Prowaznik – Drums

Michael Bruckner – E-Guitar
Clemens Salesny – Bass Clarinet
Matija Schellander – electronics
Clemens Wenger – Acordion

recorded & mixed: Werner Angerer
Mastered by Martin Siewert
Photos: Cover - Rania Moslam, inside: Jochen Fill
Design & Layout:Eva Dranaz/3007wien

recorded September 2006 in Studio Soundborn
label: JWR 02/06 Jazzwerkstatt



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