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Angélica Castelló: recorders, voice, electronics
Maja Osojnik: recorders, voice, electronics
From a live performance at Musikprotokoll Graz 2008


Burkhard Stangl, 2009:
The ever progressing sophistication of the Internet brings with it not only many positive aspects but also a more and more tangled convolution of data threads, a twisted web that can, like bundles of tangled fishing net, make trawling for and distributing useful and meaningful information difficult or even impossible. Good thing there's, a clear, straightforward forum that for the past ten years has provided a community of musicians and artists with an internet platform free of charge.
Handwritten letters with handpicked stamps have long since given way to electronic mail, rendering "beautiful mail", as postmen call it, rare. Data transmission at, however, still (remarkably) conveys the luxury of the personal touch. Why?
Analogous to his distaste for fast food and preference for doing his own cooking, dieb 13 - together with his collaborators - has managed to give klingtorgians a digital home with the athosphere of a virtual Viennese café: it is a place where you like to hang out, where you can find peace and quiet if you want, where you can talk to other guests or chat with the unobtrusive man in charge, who offers practical advice and technical support for every digital difficulty.
Moreover, it also hosts the jukebox, a jukebox stocked with surprises and new sounds for your browsing pleasure. Plus, provides ample space for homepages, thus giving its members the opportunity to express themselves without the threat of ending up in the dubious circles of musical internet sects. Finally, once a year some of the community leaves the World Wide Web and takes the stage to give an analogue performance and demonstrate the unparalleled power of live music.
The platform is a striking example of how consistency and openness, clarity and provocation, precision and humour, unwavering beliefs and laissez-faire can be brought together in an elegant and congenial way.

Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard:

Among the mass of e-mails I get, there is always some from, which I shamefully admit, never bother to read. Its never clear wether I should put this into Vital Weekly. Maybe it seems like a world of its own. Perhaps it is. If I understand the booklet here right, its a sort of digital community of people working together, started by dieb13 and it resembles a cafe from his home-town Vienna. You can sit down and talk, in all quietness. Musicians can exchange ideas or sounds. Once year the leave digispace and there is a concert. I believe this double CD is a collection of both live recordings of various concert recordings and perhaps some other solo pieces (I am not entirely sure here), and some are made with digital means of exchange. A soundpool of some kind. Some 140 minutes, which is not easy to digest I should think, but the sequencing of the pieces is done in a great way. My suggestion would be to not look at the tracklist, the names of the players but have this playing from begin to end. Then it will sound like an electro-acoustic concert, partly in pure electronic areas, then a few real instruments, cut-up of sound material and the crackles of contact microphones. (Perhaps even then this might all be a bit long, I admit that, but then I played the first one yesterday and the second today). There is a bit of everybody in there, at least if you are open-minded towards a lot of what Vital Weekly stands (and that's why you are here, right?). Some of the names here then: Christof Kurzmann, The Magic I.D., Goh Lee Kwang, dieb13, erikM, Billy Roisz, Siewert, Jez Riley, Toshimaru Nakamura, K&K, Boris Hauf, Hose... and that's about one third of all the names included here. An excellent compilation/overview of a movement.


released December 1, 2009
mikroton recordings, 2009

Produced by Kurt Liedwart
Compiled by Dieter Kovacic, Billy Roisz and Martin Siewert
Mastered by Martin Siewert
Liner notes by Burkhard Stangl, translated by Kimi Lum and Friederike Kulcsar
Booklet photos by Dieter Kovacic, David Murobi and Barbara Wilding



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